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August 2007

Holly Hobbie Book with Flower Cookie Cutters

HollyHobbyBookSeveral months ago Little Simon, the children's division of Simon & Schuster Publishing Co., New York, released a new children's 24 pg. story book called Holly Hobbie & Friends, A Day with Mom by Sonali Fry. The book has an extension above the inside back cover with 2 plastic flower cookie cutters attached. ISBN: 1-4169-3579-7. (Photos of individual cutters available in our database.) Available through the publisher and most bookstores. We found our at Barnes & Noble.

July 2007

Wilton's New Push 'N Print Series Cookie Cutters

Wilton has a new series of cookie cutters that consist of a round metal cutter with a plunger in the center. You can load one of 3 plastic disks into the center, cut the cookie out with the cutter and then press the plunger down with the disk in place to imprint a design on the cookie.

The everyday set cuts a scalloped round cookie approximately 3" in diameter and will imprint the words "Good Luck," "Congrats!," or "Happy Birthday." The disks and plunger in this set are blue.

The Halloween Push 'N Print Cutter Set cuts a 3" round shape and has 3 orange disks, "Trick or Treat," with candy corn, a jack-o-lantern, or a ghost with BOO!. The plunger on this one is also orange.

The Christmas set cuts a 3" round cookie and has red plastic inserts and plunger. The designs are Christmas Tree, Snowflake and Snowman.


Cookie Cutter Fairie

Enesco has added a new figurine to the My Little Kitchen Fairies series. The new Fairie is called the Cookie Cutter Fairie. She's 3½" tall and made of stone resin and stands inside a tin outline gingerbread shaped cookie cutter. She is complete with an apron with a decorated gingerbread boy on the front. Can be found online and through any gift shops that sell Enesco collectibles.


3-D Cookie Cutters Abound for the Upcoming Holidays!

Nordic Ware, who already has 3 sets of 3-D cutters on the market (Christmas, Summer, and Zoo cutters) has just released a new Halloween Set in orange plastic. Shapes include ghost, witch, black cat, scarecrow, jack-o-lantern and haunted house. Each shape has 2 pieces that when put together allow the cookie to stand up. Comes in a storage box with a recipe and instructions included.

You may remember the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 3-D set of metal cutters available at Christmas last year. Well, Focus Products Group, the brand that sold those cutters, has a new set of Rudolph 3-D cutters for this coming Christmas season. This is a set of 8 characters from the Land of Misfits. Each shape has 2 cutters that cut stand-up pieces. This set is made of plastic and includes Rudoph (brown), Santa (red), Yukon Cornelius (blue), Bumble the Abomindable Snowman (gray), Hermey the Misfit Elf (yellow), Sam the Snowman (white), a reindeer (orange) and sleigh (green). They all come packaged in their own house. So far we've only seen them available at KitchenKrafts.com.

June 2007

The AUNT HOLLY Copper Cookie Cutters story

Holly Little had been collecting tin cookie cutters for years but wanted something a little stronger and more attractive so she started looking at copper cutters. Her husband worked for a mechanical contractor and had access to metal working tools. Since Larry had always enjoyed art as a hobby she ask him to look over her tin cutters and consider making some from copper.

Rather than going on line or getting books to guide him to the proper methods he started experimenting. He used small pieces of scrap metal and got information about equipment operation from the company metal smith. After a couple of weeks he had a learned enough about the equipment and wasted enough scrap galvanized metal to come up with a method that worked for him.

Then he purchased a small sheet of copper to see how his experimentation would translate to an actual copper cookie cutter. Rather than copying the tin cookie cutter designs he used the CAD system on his computer to create original designs. Holly had her own private copper cookie cutter shop.

Friends and relatives started asking if they could order cutters and then calls started coming from people that had somehow seen or heard of the cutters. The bakery where Larry stopped on a regular basis (for great pecan rolls) started requesting custom cookie cutters and so on.

Friends and coworkers convinced Holly and Larry that a web site should be created to offer their cutters to a larger group of friends. Hiring some one was not an option so they created www.aunthollycookiecutters.com themselves

Holly will be the first to say “our cookie cutters are not cheap” but the price reflects the quality and care taken in their creation. They take whatever time is required to make every cutter the highest quality and something they can be proud to present to customers and friends. Since the creation of the web site they have sent cutters all over the US and the feedback is great, fantastic, wonderful, beautiful, outstanding, etc.

They plan to be moved from their home in Indiana to their home and new workshop on the coast of Maine by late summer. AUNT HOLLY Copper Cookie Cutters has become their full time project with the gentle push from friends and they love it.


May 2007

Kallashouse - a new source of cookie boards.

In the late 1970's Caroline and Bill Kallas of Chicago became collectors of historic cookie molds with European origins. They purchased a Conn-based mail order business called "The House on the Hill". The business grew from 13 metal faced molds{with cherry wood backings} to hundreds of wood resin molds and custom designed rolling pins ,and countless accessories. Caroline became a scholar on the molds and authored dozens of articles appearing in newspapers and magazines , also extending publicity to television-including the Pat Robertson 700 Club and the Martha Stewart show. Caroline struggled with cancer in the late 1990's and died August1st,1999 leaving the business solely with husband Bill.. By this time the company had grown nationally with several thousand customers. Bill was also Mayor of the City of Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois; and caretaker to their 25 year old downs syndrome daughter, Amanda; ran a commercial real estate business and managed their Michigan countryplace farm - the farm was the company Logo, an illustration drawn by Caroline in 1982. After over 20 years of pioneering the business Bill  regretfully sold  to a customer in 2002. Bill remarried in 2003 to Sharon {Sherry} and they made several trips to Europe to explore business opportunities. They chose to re-enter the cookie mold business after countless hours and days of planning. The Kallas's  partnered their new E-Commerce business called  KALLASHOUSE.COM  featuring over 100 swiss  made mold styles and other fine gift items such as custom designed coffee cannisters and classic Russian-designed wood ornaments, books by Olli Leeb and other accessories...using free gourmet coffee packets and honey products which carry the Kallas label name. The new company  KALLASHOUSE.COM  has consultants who were friends and staff of their former business; which include a German-born college professor, one who has over 300 molds in her personal collection; and another who baked and painted springerle cookies for future illustrations. Sherry Kallas, also a gifted artist, has contributed much to the graphic designs of KALLASHOUSE.COM and the various products such as the cookie cannisters, which  make great mini-cookie jars. Check out their all new site.

Shrek Cookie Cutter Kit

Running Press publishers has just released a new Shrek Sweet Treats Cookie Cutter Kit. It contains 4 small stainless steel outline cutters of Shrek, Gingy, Donkey and a castle, along with a Gingy scrapbook containing Gingy's memories and recipes. A very cute item. ISBN-10: 0-7624-3084-2, available from the publishers website or most book sellers (We found ours at Barnes & Noble). Retail price is $9.95 USA

Two New Lunch Box Sets from KAI Japan

KAI Japan has another 2 lunch box sets of cookie cutters in the same design as the 4 Disney Princess sets released last year. These two consist of 10 outline plastic cutters in each. One is a Mickey Mouse set and the other is Winnie the Pooh. As far as we know, these are only available in Asia or perhaps on Ebay.

Dalek Cutter from the Doctor Who BBC Series

Green's Bakery Brand of the UK has a Doctor Who Cookie Kit which includes a black plastic Dalek cutter with impression lines. It's packed in the cookie kit along with cookie mix, rice krispie decorations and icing gel. Sold in groceries in England and perhaps other UK countries. It's widely available on Ebay.



October 2006

Perfect Sweetheart Baking Set from Little Tikes

The Little Tikes Toy Company has a new set of children's baking utensils which contains 3 plastic cookie cutters - X, O and heart. Colors are rose, orange and light green. The set also has heart shaped mixing bowls, measuring cup and plate. The back of the box has cookie designs that can be cut out and placed on the plate for pretend eating. Look for it in toy departments or check their web site at www.littletikes.com.

Elsie the Cow with a Brand New Look

Dairy Farmers of America, who purchased Borden Cheese in 1997, have a new Elsie the Cow cookie cutter. It is not available for sale but they use it for giveaways in store demos, special events and other places where prizes are used. It was manufactured in October, 2005 and when all are gone there will be no more. (Check details on the cutter in the database.)






Gramma's Cutters has All New Set
Gramma's Cutters, who now produces the Aunt Chick lines has developed an all new set of 4 American Traditions Cookie Cutters created in the same sculptured design as the original ones. The cutters range in size from 3½" high for the cupid, 4" h - flag, and 5" h gingerbread man and pilgrim. They are sold in sets only for $15 per set. The new set is available now in a limited run for collectors only and a new, perfected set for bakers will be available in October. See their website at
www.grammascutters.com/traditions.asp for complete information.



September 2006

Nut Tree has a Brand New Cookie Cutter

Nut Tree, the Vacaville, CA tourist landmark, that for many years sold cookies and cookie cutters is reopening in September as the Nut Tree Family Park, a 3.7 acre amusement park. The park is selling limited-edition memberships which include a season pass and a commemorative tin with Nut Tree logo items unavailable for purchase anywhere else. Included in the kit is an all new cookie cutter in the shape of the Nut Tree logo tree. Click on the cutter to go to their site. (Editor's Note: We're saddened to say that Nut Tree went out of business in January 2009.)


Nordic Ware Introduces 2 New 3-D Cookie Cutter Sets

Nordic Ware has out a new Summer 3-D set of 6 blue plastic cookie cutters, similar in design to the holiday ones introduced last December. Each cookie requires 2 cutters, the large one has the main shape and the smaller one is for a stand/feet to allow it to stand upright. Shapes are dolphin, sailboat, airplane, dinosaur, teddy bear and unicorn.

Also coming on Sept. 11 is a new yellow plastic set of 3-D Zoo Animals. Cutters include 6 animals (2 pc. for each animal) - lion, rhinoceros, elephant, giraffe, seal and gorilla.


July 2006

Wilton Has New Items Available

The 2007 Wilton Yearbook is in stores now and shows several new items. In their soft grip collection they have added a new Halloween cutter - a monster head. It should be available as soon as Halloween items appear in stores.

Also new this year are silicone candy, cookie and craft molds. At present there seems to be only 3 - a butterfly, heart and teddy bear. Each mold is 6½" square and they are sold individually for about $4.99. Silicone molds are oven proof to 500 degrees and can go from freezer directly to oven.


Michael Bonne, Coppersmith has moved.

Michael Bonne, long time maker of copper cookie cutters in Knightstown, Indiana, has relocated to Florida. Check out his updated website at MichaelBonne.com. He is offering his customers free shipping on all orders until Aug. 1.

June 2006

New Disney Cutters from Japan

Kai Housewares, Japan has 3 great new sets of Disney characters. Each set of the 3 consists of 2 small outline cutters in the same color with a separate impression stamper that fits inside each. Green set is Disney's Chip and Dale; Pink set is Marie from the Aristocats in 2 different poses and 3rd set in lt. blue is Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This is the same company that produces the Disney princesses sets in little lunch boxes and some really great other Disney cutters. The sad part is that they do not ship outside of Japan, so unless you go there or know someone there who can send them to you, you can't get them!!!


Crazy Cookie Cutters

Two of the weirdest sets of cutters we've found - ABC* Cookies (the ABC iis, of course, for already been chewed). The inventor's logic is that if you put them out on a plate guests will notice the bite marks and then leave them alone so there's that much more for you!

2 Sets of cast aluminum cutters - one set has 3 partially eaten gingerbread men, each missing a different part. The second set consists of 4 standard shaped heart, circle, star and scalloped round, all with bite marks.

Cutters are very well made and nicely packaged. Cost is $9.99 ea. or both sets for $18.99 from Slycraft.com.


Betty Crocker Catalog will Cease Production

After many year of collecting points from Betty Crocker merchandise and ordering kitchen items from the catalog, sometime this year Betty Crocker Catalog will end production. Its the end of an era.