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Granny Square Cookies
from Sugar and Meringue

Granny Squares Cookies


1. Cut and bake square cookies. I happened to have some scalloped square cookies already baked so that’s what I used but plain squares would be just fine. You can use a clean plastic ruler and a pizza cutter to cut the squares. Mine are about 3”.

2. Outline, then flood the squares. I used a bit of ivory gel color to give them a more nostalgic look.

3. Using a #1 or #2 tip - pipe a series of little squares in three colors as shown starting with the center square, then go back and “squiggle” over your lines to give the effect of yarn. Squiggle a border around the whole thing and your done!

Tutorial Pix

Finished cookies

Our thanks to Emily of Sugar and Meringue Blog for letting us use her great idea and photos for Granny Square Cookies.

Download Emily's instructions as a PDF.